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feel better now pastoral counseling

Finally, Someone who will just listen

Why choose Compassionate Pastoral Counseling?

Life can sometimes pile on more than we can handle; we may not want to bother our friends or family, but we still need to sort through these heavy feelings before they crush us and those around us.

With deep listening, faith in your strength, and compassion without judgement, we're here to walk beside you as you discover the light within you. Just give us a call and feel better now!


You know this sense of joy and calm exists within you. 

Even if daily stresses bury it under layers of frustration-  it’s clear by now that achievements, material goods and the approval of others don’t bring lasting fulfillment.

True freedom rings from within.

The person you long to be has never left you. Though life's challenges may have dimmed your light, it’s still there - waiting to shine brighter than ever before.

Mornings filled with peace,

grounded in the present.

No anxious thoughts or nagging inner voice.

Just clarity, purpose

and fulfillment.

Empowering You to Thrive

Through compassionate, judgement-free pastoral counseling, we walk beside you through the places you feared to tread alone.

As you share your story in complete confidence, we won't offer advice or diagnoses. Instead, we listen with an open heart as you rediscover passions, gain confidence in your gifts, and build connections rooted in mutual understanding.

Together at the Top

Discover Your Authentic Self

The process takes time, but the journey itself is the prize. Each step bringing you closer to authentic self-discovery and lasting peace that transcends any trial.


Recharge your inner light and live with renewed purpose. The support you need is here. Contact us today to start your journey toward wholeness.

Chaplain Ricky

"Compassionate Spirit"


My Calling to Compassionate Counsel

Even as a child, I felt destined to help others.

In 5th grade, my teacher named me “Compassionate Spirit” - a generous title I’ve spent a lifetime trying to live up to. True compassion requires deep understanding, non-judgment, and an open heart.

Over the years, I discovered the paradox that selflessly helping friends and family brought me my own greatest rewards. By listening without trying to “fix” their problems, they felt heard and found their own solutions. Their gratitude showed me my natural gift for spiritual counsel.


I’m no stranger to hardship and loss either. Through broken relationships, abuse, addiction and betrayal, my faith has saved me from the brink time and again. God has given me the resilience and empathy to guide others out of darkness. Every trial builds character, and I've learned to look back with gratitude rather than regret.

While my passion for nurturing people’s emotional and spiritual health came early, it’s been a lifelong journey cultivating the wisdom, humility and inner peace to help others heal. I promise to meet you wherever you are with open arms, compassion without judgement, and faith in your inner strength.

The answers are within you.
We simply help you find them.

Our counsel uses deep listening and open questions -- rather than advice -- to help you get clarity. You'll walk away with renewed direction through:

  • Exploring your struggles without judgement

  • Processing thoughts in a safe space

  • Identifying steps forward aligned to your values

You are stronger than you know.

We help you rediscover your inner wisdom, resilience, and sense of meaning. Our judgement-free sessions guide you through:

  • Overcoming anxiety, depression and grief

  • Navigating major life changes

  • Improving relationships and setting boundaries

  • Exploring faith to gain perspective

Take the first step toward the life you want.

Get a free consultation: share your story and goals without obligations. Leave with hope, insight and a plan.

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