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feel better now pastoral counseling

Finally, Someone who will just listen

Some burdens feel to heavy to unload on those close to you...

Welcome to Feel Better Now, where you can find space to unload burdens you've carried too long.


Life can sometimes pile on more than we can handle; we may not want to bother our friends or family, but we still need to sort through these heavy feelings before they crush us and those around us.

With deep listening, faith in your strength, and compassion without judgement, we walk beside you out of darkness. Just give us a call and feel better now!

Chaplain Ricky

"Compassionate Spirit"

My Calling to Compassionate Counsel

Even as a child, I felt destined to help others.

In 5th grade, my teacher named me “Compassionate Spirit” - a generous title I’ve spent a lifetime trying to live up to. True compassion requires deep understanding, non-judgment, and an open heart.

Over the years, I discovered the paradox that selflessly helping friends and family brought me my own greatest rewards. By listening without trying to “fix” their problems, they felt heard and found their own solutions. Their gratitude showed me my natural gift for spiritual counsel.


I’m no stranger to hardship and loss either. Through broken relationships, abuse, addiction, and betrayal, my faith has saved me from the brink time and again. God has given me the resilience and empathy to guide others out of darkness. Every trial builds character, and I've learned to look back with gratitude rather than regret.

While my passion for nurturing people’s emotional and spiritual health came early, it’s been a lifelong journey cultivating the wisdom, humility and inner peace to help heal others. I promise to meet you wherever you are with open arms, compassion without judgement, and faith in your inner strength.

feel better now pastoral counseling

A Service of Chaplain on Demand

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